Typhoon Haiyan: 100 Days Later

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The Storm: 300 miles wide, 200 mph winds, 6 islands, 36 provinces

The Losses: More than 16 million affected (including 1 million children at risk for malnutrition), more than 4 million displaced, 6,201 lives lost, nearly 29,000 injured, more than 1 million homes damaged, half of them destroyed

Among the First: ChildFund was one of the first international organizations to respond in the Philippines. “Children are on the streets, looking for parents and family members. They are traumatized by what’s happened – they’re hungry, they’re thirsty. Often their parents are either missing or trying to get food, trying to get water. No one’s looking after them,” said Julien Anseau, ChildFund’s Asia regional communications manager, on arriving in the Philippines soon after the typhoon.

Where Are We? ChildFund has responded in several cities spread across Capiz, Leyte, Cebu and Bantayan islands.

Our Response Partners: ChildFund Alliance, International Medical Corps, Mercy Corps, UNICEF

Our Gifts in Kind Partners: Day One Response, International Relief and Development, LifeStraw, One World Futbol, Project CURE, Sawyer Water Filter

ChildFund’s Twofold Emergency Response: Child protection is the hallmark of ChildFund’s emergency response, which rolls out in two parts: relief and recovery.

Why is child protection important after emergencies? In the chaos, children become more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, neglect and trafficking.

ChildFund Delivers Relief: 357 metric tons of food, 104 metric tons of non-food supplies, 15 Child-Centered Spaces.

Child-Centered Spaces are safe environments designed to help children weather the storm after the storm—or any other emergency. ChildFund was the first organization to offer Child-Centered Spaces in the Philippines. Learn more about Child-Centered Spaces at www.childfund.org/articles/child-centered-spaces/

Children Helping Children: “Many of the volunteers staffing Child-Centered Spaces are young people who are recovering from the same disaster as the children they’re helping. These children and I have been through the same experience, and when I help them overcome their fears, I feel myself making peace with mine.” — Ivy, CCS volunteer

The Shift Toward Recovery: ChildFund’s goals for the long term include restoring livelihoods, strengthening community-based child protection mechanisms, restoring and improving access to quality education and providing disaster risk management and emergency response training.

TODAY: “It is a war against hunger and disease. It is a war against negative coping strategies families feel forced to adopt. It is a war against thirst, and it is a war against international news cycles and ambivalence.” — Isaac Evans, ChildFund’s director for Global Safety and Security

To help with the recovery, please donate at http://www.childfund.org/childfund-emergencies/

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