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5 Great Reasons to Sponsor a Child

5 Great Reasons to Sponsor a Child
5 Great Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Many people are familiar with the televised ads depicting the poverty and suffering that millions of children around the world endure every day. Although losing weight and spending more time with friends and family are common New Year's resolutions, people who want to make a real difference in the lives of impoverished children should consider sponsoring a child. Here are five great reasons to join ChildFund International in the fight against child poverty:

  1. Feeding the hungry
    Millions of children around the world go to bed hungry every night. In areas where poverty is high, such as Ethiopia, a lack of food is a serious problem for much of the population. By sponsoring a child, you can help provide nourishing food — and the means to grow or buy it — to vulnerable children and their families.
  2. Providing clean water
    Many people take clean drinking water for granted. However, for millions of children across the globe, clean water is a luxury. In many areas, contaminated water supplies are a major source of diseases such as cholera, and water-borne bacteria contribute significantly to child mortality rates, according to the World Health Organization. For less than a dollar per day, sponsoring a child helps provide clean drinking water to communities that need it most.
  3. Educating the disadvantaged
    Without an education, children can be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. If they cannot go to school, they stand little chance of leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. By choosing to sponsor a child, you will provide him or her the opportunity to attend school. For example, we are working in countries such as India and Sri Lanka to provide uniforms to school children who may not have the resources to buy them, as well as bicycles so children in remote areas can attend schools that are far away.
  4. Saving lives through health care
    Many of the poorest children around the world live great distances from the nearest medical center. Even if they are fortunate enough to be in close proximity to a hospital, many such facilities are understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the volume of patients. By supporting ChildFund, you help our work with hospitals, government health ministries, non-governmental agencies and local partners to provide children with access to health care.
  5. Making a friend
    Although the benefits of sponsorship are immeasurable to the children themselves, sponsors can also feel good about making a tangible difference. Many friendships start through the exchange of letters, both with children and their guardians, who often lend a hand if a sponsored child is too young to write. Through the mail, you'll gain knowledge of another culture through the eyes of a child.

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