INGOs call for global action on Ebola

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Posted on 9/18/2014
Image of little girl in Liberia

In western Africa, nearly 2,500 people have died from Ebola, and thousands are infected. Some forecasts project that infections could increase to 20,000. The survival rate for this strain is less than half.

And Ebola doesn’t just kill. Ebola devastates.

In Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, all three of which are already fragile, post-conflict states, Ebola threatens to derail what progress these nations have made in recent years. Health systems, already meager, are collapsing. Schools are closed. Agriculture is at a standstill. Ebola’s economic impact is already acute and likely to become more so.

As the United Nations Security Council convenes an emergency meeting, ChildFund has joined Oxfam, Catholic Relief Services, Plan International and Save the Children in calling for world leaders to respond immediately with the financing, personnel and expertise needed to stop Ebola’s spread. You can read their joint statement, below.

Then, please share this page with your networks. To support ChildFund’s fight against Ebola, donate here.

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