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Posted on 11/15/2013
Much of the work we do in Africa relies on cooperation with local governments.
Much of the work we do in Africa relies on cooperation with local governments.

ChildFund works in many African nations to improve early childhood development support programs, expand access to health care for children in need and their families, and empower communities to break the cycle of generational poverty. This work would not be possible without the collaboration and resources of local governments. Each year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation publishes a report on the progress that has been made in improving governance in African countries and in which areas significant developments have been made. This year's report indicates that many African countries are working toward a brighter future for families living in poverty.

Complex Analysis

Evaluating improvements to governance across such a vast continent is challenging because of the scope of factors that researchers must consider. The organizers of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance collate a huge amount of raw data before compiling it into four distinct categories of quantifiable progress: safety and rule of law, human development, participation and human rights, and sustainable economic opportunities. Based on the data contained in this year's report, many African nations have observed demonstrable progress in these areas, including several countries in which ChildFund operates.

Each country is ranked on a points scale between zero and 100. Senegal ranked 10th in the report, with measurable gains made in all areas, particularly the protection of human rights and human development. Senegal's score rose by 4.3 points over the 13-year period in which the organization has compiled data, to achieve an overall score of 61 out of 100. Also noteworthy is Sierra Leone, which achieved an increase of 14.8 points between 2000 and 2012.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Although we work closely with local partner organizations in countries in Africa and around the world, many of our large-scale projects and initiatives would not be possible without the support and resources of the governments of the countries in which we operate. The gains detailed in the Ibrahim Index suggest that, by working together, we can fight child poverty in Africa's poorest countries and bring hope to families and their children.

Of course, the support of our child sponsors and monthly giving partners is crucial to ChildFund's efforts. To help us provide children in need with the food, health care and education they need to emerge from poverty, please consider sponsoring a child today. Just $28 per month will make a lasting difference in the life of a boy or girl living in poverty.