ChildFund Annual Report: Helping Children Be Children

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Posted on 11/7/2012

The 2012 ChildFund Annual Report, now online, offers a look back at the successes our donors and supporters made possible for children in the past year. Public support and revenue for FY12 was $245 million, up from $238 million in FY11. ChildFund is committed to the responsible stewardship of all funds, with 82 percent of every dollar going to help children. And that help is wide-ranging.

Image of Annual Report
  • We begin at the beginning, teaching parents how to understand and support their children’s development from birth. See what this looks like in Senegal, Ecuador and Indonesia.
  • We work to ensure children are safe in their homes, schools and communities. This year, ChildFund undertook a study to better understand violence against children in Dominica. Across the globe in Liberia, a generous $500,000 matching gift from a concerned donor funded a new initiative on gender-based violence against children.
  • With government and other partners, we launched a vocational skills training program to reach 3,000 young people in Sierra Leone.
  • Thanks to several corporate partners, we were able to deliver goods and services to children in our programs last year. This meant new mattresses for U.S. children, warm blankets for children in Afghanistan and TOMS Shoes for children in our Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zambia programs.

You'll find these stories and more, including the past year's financials, in the 2012 Annual Report. Read and interact with it on-screen, or download and print the PDF. Thank you!