Solar Lights Empower Children Worldwide

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By Loren Pritchett, Writer/Content Specialist
Posted on 8/8/2012
Images of children using Nokero lights for schoolwork

For Amelia, 12, maneuvering around her home in darkness is difficult, but she is accustomed to it. Like one out of every five people in the world, she lives in a community with no electricity. After the sun sets, everyday activities like eating, cleaning and studying her fifth-grade lessons are nearly impossible for Amelia.

Until last month, whether to practice her math, review her grammar or finish her homework assignments, Amelia would scoot up to her shaky wooden desk to study by a flickering kerosene lamp that emitted toxic fumes. Tonight, however, she will study with the solar light she received when ChildFund teamed with Nokero, a sustainable energy innovator, to launch the Global Light to Learn Challenge.

Children like Amelia often lose valuable study hours at night or risk the chance of accidents to read by lantern light; this tool means so much to her education and safety. “Nokero helps me pass my lessons in school,” Amelia says. “It can save us from burning our houses — and I will use Nokero to walk in the dark.”

In the spirit of the U.N.’s Year of Sustainable Energy for All, the Global Light to Learn Challenge is dedicated to providing modern energy sources to those living without electricity, one child at a time — starting in Amelia’s classroom.

Earlier this year, 48 solar bulb lights were delivered to her school, the Gertrude Yancy Public School in Klay Town, Liberia. Teachers, students and community members celebrated the arrival of the lights, which will reduce the need for their dangerous lamps and mini torch lights that are expensive to maintain.

“ChildFund has built our children schools, distributed shoes to them, and now they are coming with light bulbs,” says one parent.

Nokero’s most recent product, the Nokero Ed (for “education”), is a solar-powered book light that will provide children across the world an opportunity to study safely in their dark homes, and learn about renewable energy at the same time.

The Light to Learn Challenge is just beginning in Liberia, but almost all of ChildFund’s children around the world live in unelectrified communities. For them, light can mean the difference between passing and failing classes. Amelia knows how valuable Nokero lights are for her future and wants to share them with other children. “I want all my friends to use Nokero to study their lessons, too,” she says.

You can help Amelia’s friends and countless other children across the globe by joining the Global Light to Learn Challenge and donating a $6 Nokero Ed solar book light to a child in need.