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Posted on 3/4/2012
Photo of feet

If you happen to visit ChildFund’s headquarters in Richmond, Va., on April 10, you will see staff members going about their business barefoot. “What in the world?” you might wonder.

Although we are a fairly casual group, we’re not that casual. You have stumbled into ChildFund’s One Day Without Shoes event: ChildFund is going without shoes for the day to raise awareness about the importance of shoes in the lives of children.

When we began considering the idea of spending the workday barefoot, some of us had the initial reaction, “But I might step on a staple!” Then we laughed at ourselves, because that’s exactly the point. When you go without shoes, you’re at risk for getting hurt ... and worse.

In developing countries, children without shoes face hazards from simple cuts and infections to jiggers (burrowing fleas) and hookworms.

One Day Without Shoes April 10

What’s more, if children have no shoes, they can’t attend school. In this way, the lack of shoes kicks shut the door to educational opportunity, which is essential to a child’s ability to leave poverty behind.

So, if you’re in the Richmond area on April 10, stop by. We’ll be happy to tell you more about ChildFund’s work to help children stay healthy and educated.

Or, even better, create your own One Day Without Shoes event wherever you are, and help expand the conversation about the importance of shoes.