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Posted on 8/28/2013



A group of Vietnamese children proudly wear their new winter jackets provided through our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog.
A group of Vietnamese children proudly wear their new winter jackets provided through our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog.

Although many parts of Vietnam experience a tropical climate for much of the year, temperatures can plummet in the country's mountainous northern provinces during the winter. Many families inhabiting these regions live below the poverty line, and they often struggle to provide their children with warm clothing. Without adequate winter clothing, children can be at significantly higher risk of becoming ill, a potentially life-threatening situation for families living many miles from the nearest medical facility.

Biting Cold

Vietnam's cold season runs from November until April, making the harsh winters particularly hard to endure for many families. In addition to concerns about food security in rural areas where agriculture is the primary means of producing food, the long winter months can place some families living in poverty under great pressure. Many parents simply cannot afford even preventive medical treatment, so a condition as simple as a common cold can lead to dangerous illnesses such as hypothermia and pneumonia among children who lack warm clothing.

Providing Warmth

Thick coats, scarves, gloves and other essentials are a luxury for Vietnamese children. That's why ChildFund provides warm clothing to children in need across northern Vietnam during the winter as part of our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog.

For a donation of just $71, you can provide a child with the clothing he or she needs to stay warm during the difficult Vietnamese winter. Every family's needs are different, which is why ChildFund will use your donation to provide whatever winter clothing each individual child needs, whether it be a warm set of gloves, a winter coat or a woolen hat.

Consistent Support

Another way you can make a lasting difference in the life of a child in Vietnam is by becoming a child sponsor. For just $28 per month, you can help ChildFund ensure that a vulnerable child in Vietnam has access to nutritious food, education and the health care he or she needs to survive. Child sponsorship can be incredibly rewarding, as you'll receive letters from the child you sponsor, which show you how your generosity and support is making a difference.

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