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Posted on 8/15/2013

Sponsoring children is a major way ChildFund supporters make a difference for children in need, and our monthly giving programs are another excellent way to aid families in impoverished communities. We also have special projects that fill specific needs such as providing medicated mosquito nets to a region of Kenya that is particularly stricken by malaria, or storybooks for Honduran first-graders. To help ChildFund fill a particular need — one pointed out by community members — consider contributing to one of these projects.

United States

Poverty deprives children of many things, such as access to health care, education and nutritious food. It also robs them of the chance to enjoy their childhood and engage in typical events, such as birthday parties. Some families simply cannot afford balloons, cake and other basics for a birthday celebration. That's why we launched a project to provide children living in poverty in the United States with mobile celebrations.

This project will provide a total of 60 birthday celebrations for children living in five communities. Each celebration will benefit 10 children and their families. Your donation will help pay for essential birthday party supplies, such as mixing bowls, kitchen utensils and ingredients for making a birthday cake, party favors, toys, balloons and materials to construct a piñata. Our goal is to reach $6,435.


Children living in poverty often lack access to basic health care that can help them fight disease and grow up healthy. For families living in rural areas of India, even medical checkups are often out of reach due to insufficient household income and the distance between their homes and the nearest medical facility. For children with disabilities, the odds are even tougher. To improve access to health care and provide 50 Indian children with disabilities the opportunity to have regular checkups, we started a project to provide children with access to the health care services they need.

When we reach our goal of $12,870, 50 Indian children with disabilities will receive yearly medical assessments and nutritional supplements. Your support will provide these children with supplements to improve their eyesight, prevent epilepsy, reduce bone and nerve problems, and boost their immune systems. This project is vital to these children's physical and cognitive development.


ChildFund believes in empowering communities and providing youths with the means to actively participate in their communities to solve common problems and achieve shared goals. But to achieve this, people need a place to meet. That's why we are working to build a youth center at the Adazer Sub-site office in Watcho.

Many Ethiopian youths want to help shape their communities and get involved with local projects, but teens in this rural region currently lack a facility where they can meet to discuss ways to overcome difficulties in the community. The youth center will serve as a base of operations for the Child and Youth Forum, a group of about 30 youths who want to create lasting change in Watcho.

Once the center is completed, the CYF will have a reliable space to talk about ways to tackle problems such as poor learning environments for local children, inadequate sanitation systems, land shortages and low incomes. These problems have been identified as the most urgent by members of this community, and the youth center will enable the area's young people to take a proactive role in solving them. There is still a ways to go before we reach our goal of $10,336.

These are just a few of the many projects ChildFund is involved in. To support us in our goal of improving the lives of children in need, please consider donating to one of these projects.