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Posted on 9/5/2013
Identify your planned giving goals and make ChildFund a part of your investment strategy.
Identify your planned giving goals and make ChildFund a part of your investment strategy.

Planned giving is important to many people. Over the course of their lives, families often develop strong ties to charitable and nonprofit organizations through personal experiences, and as a result, some choose to include donations to charities in their investment strategies and wills.

Supporting ChildFund through planned giving is an excellent way to invest in the future of children in need who live in some of the world's poorest countries. By identifying your goals, you can choose the option that's right for you and your family.

Minimize the Financial Impact of Giving

Many families want to support ChildFund, but even as the economy begins to show signs of recovery, times are still tough. Including a gift to ChildFund as part of your will or trust will have minimal impact on your finances at the time you agree to it, but your generosity will still provide us with the means to help children in need and their families. This option allows you to remain in control of your assets, modify your gift based on changing priorities and even direct us to use your gift toward a certain purpose in some circumstances.

Receive Benefits From Your Planned Giving

There are many ways to help children and their families living in poverty that will also serve as an investment. For example, a charitable gift annuitycharitable remainder annuity trust or a charitable remainder unitrust all help ChildFund continue our work in supporting vulnerable children and their families, while also providing you with a return on your investment. This can enable you to give a larger gift and make a difference in many more children's lives.

Avoid Capital Gains Tax and Receive Further Deductions

Many people think that child sponsorship is the only way they can help us make a difference, but did you know you can use property to assist children, too? Real estate gifts can be donated directly to ChildFund, and these transactions are not subject to capital gains taxes. As well as allowing us to either use or sell the property in question, you'll receive a tax deduction for this gift on your next tax return.

With so many ways to help, please consider planned giving and how your generosity will make a difference in children's lives. For more information, contact our Planned Giving department