Counting Chickens: Poultry Farming in Kenya

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Posted on 10/23/2013

Providing aid to African countries like Kenya is about more than handing out temporary relief: It's about empowering children and their families by giving them the resources they need to succeed. In many instances, this means providing the right tools for farming and agriculture, which can set families on the path out of extreme poverty with long-term, sustainable assistance.

Farming in Kenya

With a wide array of uses and advantages, raising poultry is one of the best options for families looking to start a farm and work their way out of generational poverty. Farming allows children and their families to become self-sufficient and provide their own food and income, and livestock is generally more resistant to natural elements like temperature fluctuations or droughts that could destroy vegetation.

Poultry is a particularly appealing livestock option for Kenyan families because they don't require as many resources to raise as larger animals. The birds' eggs and offspring can be sold as a source of income for a family or eaten for nourishment. It's also a wonderful way to foster a sense of leadership and responsibility in children, many of whom take great joy in raising livestock and cultivating a sense of independence. Most importantly, chickens represent a way to raise money for important needs like school uniforms, fees and books.

According to World Poultry, more than 21 million Kenyans relied on poultry farming for their livelihood in 2010. That number has dramatically increased since the start of the millennium as more families attempt to raise livestock to provide food and income, and it should continue to grow as more efforts are made to lift families in rural Kenya out of extreme poverty through sustainable practices.

Giving the Gift of Opportunity

Farming may be able to help out many children in need and their families, but many lack the resources they need to get started. Purchasing farming equipment and livestock is expensive, and it simply isn't an option for many families who are also concerned with acquiring food, water and basic health care for their families. Through ChildFund, though, supporters can provide the tools they need to start a farm.

Consider making a donation to ChildFund. Our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog features several options for purchasing livestock for a family, and your gift could help to support a child currently living in poverty, providing his or her family with the livestock needed for food and economic opportunity.