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Posted on 10/21/2013
Learn about our child sponsorship program at ChildFund's YouTube channel.
Learn about our child sponsorship program at ChildFund's YouTube channel.

At ChildFund, we regularly post updates to Facebook and Twitter so our supporters can learn more about our work and how the generosity of our child sponsors and monthly giving partners is making a difference in children's lives. Another excellent way to keep up to date with ChildFund's work around the world is by following our YouTube channel. The videos we upload to YouTube allow you to not only discover how you can help ChildFund fight child poverty but also see the families we help and what we're doing to provide them with nutritious food, clean drinking water and lifesaving health care.

A History of Helping Families

ChildFund is celebrating our 75th anniversary, so it's a great time to learn about our history in this video. We began as China's Children Fund in 1938, helping children living in China who were affected by the Japanese invasion in 1937, which orphaned many children. Since then, we have grown and expanded our operations to serve children living in many countries around the world. Helping children survive in the aftermath of war is now only one part of what we do, as we also focus on early childhood development, nutrition, education and several other vital areas to assist children living in developing countries.

Impacting Lives

Our child sponsors receive regular updates on how their generosity is making a difference in the life of a child and his or her family. If you're thinking about sponsoring a child, why not watch some of our videos highlighting how important child sponsorship is in the lives of children in need around the world? Videos, often produced by our national offices' staff members, give you a peek at the challenges these children face and how sponsors help improve their lives.

For example, in this video, sponsored children in Africa express their gratitude to their sponsors through song. Many of our child sponsors write to the boys and girls they sponsor regularly, and the children write back to tell their sponsors how their support is making a difference in their lives.

Special Projects

Of course, sponsoring a child isn't the only way you can help. ChildFund's special projects, such as the Dream Bike campaign, focus on specific needs in certain communities. Through the Dream Bike campaign, we have been able to provide Indian and Sri Lankan girls with bicycles to help them get to school. 

If you're considering becoming a child sponsor or monthly giving partner, watch some of ChildFund's videos on YouTube to see how the support of our sponsors and donor positively impacts the lives of children around the world.