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Posted on 6/27/2013

Destructive weather can ravage even the most well-prepared region in mere minutes. Tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes and floods can quickly cause widespread destruction, and even with today's meteorological forecasting tools, these catastrophic events can be difficult to predict accurately. For these reasons, communities need to be prepared for the aftermath of natural disasters,which is especially challenging in developing countries. This is why ChildFund's ChildAlert Emergency Fund is one of our most important initiatives.

Picking Up the Pieces

Natural disasters can cause extensive damage to a region's infrastructure. Without reliable roads, it is very challenging to get vital aid to communities hit hardest by floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In some countries, this disruption can result in entire towns and villages going without food, clean water and basic medical supplies. The ChildAlert Emergency Fund helps vulnerable communities in the aftermath of natural disasters by working with local authorities and partners to help restore housing, provide access to water and health care and assist children with psychosocial needs.

An Ever-Present Threat

Southeast Asia is at particular risk of natural disasters, as these events are becoming not only more frequent, but also more intense, according to the United Nations. In fact, countries in Asia are at the highest risk of these devastating occurrences, and in addition to the substantial threat to human life, the economic impact of these events can be almost as extensive. For countries with high rates of poverty, such as the Philippines and Indonesia, this poses a serious danger to millions of families.

"Never before has this world suffered so much economic loss due to natural disaster, most of which has been in Asia and the Pacific," Sanjay Srivastava, U.N. regional adviser for disaster risk reduction, told Integrated Regional Information Networks in 2011.

Help Where It Is Needed Most

Although the future is impossible to predict, ChildFund's ChildAlert Emergency Fund will continue to help children in need and their families during times of crisis. To enable us to quickly help communities affected by natural disasters, please consider making a donation to this important fund. Your support will make a difference to many children in the aftermath of these potentially devastating events.