Another Great Reason to Give a “Gift of Love & Hope”

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Posted on 3/16/2011

Mosquito Nets

 Children in Guinea holding mosquito nets.

To celebrate our spring 2011 issue of Gifts of Love and Hope, ChildFund will donate one mosquito net on behalf of every supporter who gives $100 or more in gifts through the catalog.

Mosquitoes carry malaria, which is the leading cause of death in Africa’s children younger than 5. In fact, 30 sub-Saharan African countries and five Asian countries together account for 98 percent of the world’s deaths from malaria.

Mosquito nets can protect children and their families from this deadly disease while they sleep. To give yours, simply browse the print catalog or the online edition and put together $100 or more in gifts, and a mosquito bed net will be donated in your honor.

Need help on reaching the magic number? Here are some suggestions to get you to the $100 level quickly: 

49448Goat for a family in Uganda   $105
49515Shop training for youth in The Gambia$114
49585Sewing materials for Native American dance regalia$129
49591Desk and chair for a classroom$130
49619Restock a health station in The Gambia$100

Please note that we will donate one bed net per order of $100 or more. Make a separate order of $100 or more, and we’ll donate another bed net in your honor.

Thank you for making a difference!