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Posted on 6/3/2013

For children living in poverty, access to education can mean the difference between a promising future and a life of hardship. Although the education system in Honduras is free, many lack the equipment and materials necessary to teach children effectively. That's why ChildFund has launched an initiative to provide storybooks for Honduran schoolchildren.

A Vital Need

Storybooks stimulate children's imaginations and also help them develop vital reading skills. Children who can read stand a much better chance of succeeding throughout their academic career and beyond, so developing literacy is one of ChildFund's focuses.

If children lack access to educational resources, their social skills and future prospects can suffer. Children with poor standards of literacy often struggle to complete more advanced schoolwork, which in turn results in lower grades. As they continue to struggle, their interest in and engagement with school in general falls, putting them at risk of dropping out.

More than anything else, children enrolled in ChildFund programs (and their parents) want the opportunity to learn. This is why storybooks are so urgently needed in many Honduran schools.

Stepping Stones to a Brighter Future

In November 2012, we launched the Storybooks for Dream Corners program. This project aims to provide 50 sets of storybooks for first graders in rural schools throughout Honduras. If the project's goals are met, 50 schools will receive these materials, and more than 1,500 children will directly benefit.

The Dream Corners project will establish dedicated reading areas in Honduran classrooms to provide children with a place where they can immerse themselves in engaging academic materials and develop their literacy skills. Children who don't have books of their own will be able to take advantage of these books and read quietly.

To achieve our objective, we need to raise $3,575. Although support for the initiative has been strong, we still have a ways to go. If you want to invest in the future of Honduran children, please consider making a donation to the Dream Corners program. Your generosity will make a tremendous difference in the lives of children in need across Honduras, and with your help, we can offer these children the chance to learn, improve their literacy skills and develop a lifelong love of learning that will remain with them well beyond their school years.