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Posted on 3/14/2013
A girl in Afghanistan receives a winterization kit from ChildFund.

Winters in Afghanistan can be particularly harsh. In addition to the extreme temperatures, many villages and communities have been ravaged by war and internal conflicts, leaving them without the supplies and equipment they need to prepare for the coming cold. To help children and families in need, ChildFund has launched a special fund to provide winterization kits to aid Afghans who have returned to their country after years as refugees in neighboring Pakistan.

Against the Elements

In some parts of Afghanistan, such as the Nangarhar Province in the east, many men have died during prolonged fighting. In addition to creating tragic losses for families across the region, the conflict has placed further pressure on mothers caring for their children. Work is scarce in the Nangarhar Province, and even if women are fortunate enough to find jobs, their income is often insufficient to provide for their children's basic needs, such as food and shelter.

Some children have to travel for miles just to find clean drinking water and food, leaving them exposed to the bitterly cold weather. In returnee camps near Kabul, many children died last winter as the extreme cold surprised people living in the camps, according to The Guardian. The United Nations has called for additional funding for emergency relief programs.

The Gift of Warmth

To help these communities, particularly the village of Shaikh Mesri New Township, ChildFund has launched a special fund to provide blankets to families who need them most. For every $1 received, supporters can help ChildFund distribute $4 to ensure that vulnerable children and their families are supplied with blankets. Although we've raised more than $8,000 for this fund, we still have $21,000 to go to meet our goal.

To help ChildFund protect vulnerable children from the bitter cold of Afghanistan's winters, please consider making a donation to our winterization kit fund — your support could save a child's life.