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Posted on 3/6/2013
Image of children playing soccer at a primary school in Indonesia
Children at a primary school in Indonesia play soccer. Photo by Jake Lyell.

Going to school is something that many Western children take for granted, but in Indonesia, it can be a luxury. Many children in this island country lack access to basic schooling, and without it, they stand little chance of enjoying a bright and prosperous future.

Going Without

Lack of education is one of the most urgent problems facing the youth of Indonesia. Approximately 60 percent of Indonesian children younger than 5 were not enrolled in pre-primary school programs in 2012, according to UNICEF's "State of the World's Children" report. Around 85 percent of the country's population lives in remote rural areas, so access to education is out of reach for many children. Even children who do make it to school often struggle to progress through the educational system.

Building for the Future

Without reliable access to education, children are less likely to develop socially, which can lead to additional problems later in life. ChildFund has been working in Indonesia since 1958, working with a number of local and regional organizations to improve access to education, particularly for younger children.

ChildFund's programs have been instrumental in providing children with access to the schooling and services they need to grow academically and socially. We support a range of educational initiatives across Indonesia, including private tutoring for children and special classes designed to teach them the skills they need to succeed in school. Students also benefit from receiving books and other materials that are difficult for some families to afford.

Thanks to your generosity, ChildFund has been able to provide children with the opportunity to participate in youth groups that teach them valuable leadership skills. In addition, we have introduced various after-school programs in journalism, music, art and sports.

Although this is good news, many children still do not have access to even basic education. One of the best ways you can help ChildFund fight child poverty in Indonesia is by sponsoring a child. Alternatively, for just $50, you can purchase a gift of Learning for Life through our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog. Together, we can offer children in Indonesia the chance to learn.