Empowering Parents in Honduras

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Posted on 4/16/2013

Life can be tough for many families in Honduras. Chronic unemployment, food scarcity and lack of access to education and health care affect millions of people in this Central American country, and children's health and well-being are often seriously affected by these factors. ChildFund has worked in Honduras since 1982, and although conditions have improved for many families during the past 30 years, thousands of children still need our help.

Enduring Problems

Honduras is one of the poorest nations in Central America. Many families struggle to make ends meet, hampered by a lack of available jobs, a circumstance that has contributed to a rise in crime in recent years. Also, Honduras is highly susceptible to floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, and its infrastructure is too weak to handle all the needs of its population during emergencies, especially in rural areas. Many families lack access to basic health care, and educational opportunities are out of reach for many children. As a result, it can be extraordinarily difficult for families to break the cycle of poverty.

Even children who are fortunate enough to attend school face challenges. Some schools are inadequately staffed, resulting in large class sizes with little individual attention available to students. Without assistance, some children and youth don't complete their education.

Change Starts at Home

To address these social problems, ChildFund works to empower communities and provide parents with the resources and support they need to make a difference in children's lives. Our Guide Mothers program, which sends trained Honduran mothers to local households to provide guidance about appropriate child development, was recognized in 2012 by the Inter-American Development Bank and the ALAS Foundation for its innovative approach.

Guide mothers make regular visits to families in their communities and offer support to parents in a range of areas, including communication, language development, and cognitive and motor skills. More than 2,000 guide mothers have been trained by ChildFund Honduras, and more than 8,600 children under the age of 6 have benefited from the program.

Our sponsorship programs enable you to invest in the future of Honduras' youth and help ChildFund continue to provide guidance to parents.