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Real Gifts Produce Real Positive Change

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Posted on 12/9/2015
real gifts

A goat provides milk, cheese and hope for a better future.

Gifts can be symbols — say, a piece of jewelry that your significant other gives to express his or her love. Other gifts are things that people ask for, like a doll, a set of knives, a new lawnmower. There’s a third kind of gift, too: the kind that can change lives. This holiday season, ChildFund is offering you the opportunity to give children and their families real gifts — livestock, solar-powered lamps, hand-pump wells, sewing machines and other important resources.

Over and over, we see the evidence that these simple items — some for less than $20 — change the lives of children who are living in poverty. ChildFund’s Real Gifts Catalog, which comes out each fall, is based on requests that come from families whose children need access to clean water, nutritious food and additional support to keep them in school.

This year, as usual, we have a few new items in the catalog — solar-powered lanterns that bring light to families without electricity, bees that produce honey for families to consume and sell, and a child protection fund that supports programs to keep children safe from violence and abuse.

We also have popular gifts from previous catalogs, including bicycles, cows, goats, camels and insecticide-treated mosquito nets. Livestock makes a particularly positive impact on families, because a goat, chicken or cow produces food to keep children healthy and well-nourished. Also, surplus eggs and milk can be sold at market, giving families a new source of income. Often, families can breed livestock and share it with other people in their communities, spreading the wealth and changing many lives. It all starts with your generosity.

One of the best parts of the Real Gifts Catalog is that you can give an item in someone else’s honor. Our redesigned online catalog has a Gift Finder Quiz that can help you figure out what you’d like to give, and once you’ve decided, you can print out a card or ask us to mail one to your recipient.

We hope you’ll give a real gift this holiday season — one that lets children in need gain a real sense of hope.