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Reuniting with Her Heart Son

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By ChildFund Staff
Posted on 8/19/2014

"Sometimes you wonder,” says Rose Fasciocco, a ChildFund sponsor. “Did I really make a difference?"

Omeja Moses says yes.

Omeja, a young boy from Uganda, came into Rose’s life in 1996 after she saw a late night TV ad on child sponsorship for ChildFund, (then Christian Children’s Fund). She immediately decided to sponsor a child

Rose and Omeja grew close through letters, photos and drawings shared between them for nine years. She encouraged Omeja, whom she calls her “heart son” to mind his mother and do well in school. 

“I told him to take what he learned and teach someone else and he would be rewarded,” says Fasciocco. “I told him how proud I was of all his accomplishments and that he would become someone so very special in this world. This boy lived in my heart for nine years.”

Rose lost touch with Omeja after he graduated from the program in 2005. She immediately began sponsoring another child from Uganda named Fiona, whom she still sponsors today.

A successful realtor in Springfield, Pa., Fascicco started her own Facebook page to stay connected with her family, friends and people she knew through her business.

Recently she received a great surprise when a message came through:
“Hey Mum, remember me? It’s Omeja.”

“I just starting screaming and crying, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Fasciocco. “Of course I remembered my heart son! He found me on Facebook; I wept for joy all day!”

Currently Omeja is studying at university and hopes to get his degree in procurement and logistics.

“I’m still so proud of him,” says Fasciocco. “We send messages to each other all the time. I can’t believe the miracle that is Facebook.”

With more than 350 million active users around the world, Facebook and other social networks are helping people make important connections and reconnections. Rose and Omeja are proof.

Rose celebrates her 45th birthday this month. Rather than receiving presents, she is asking her friends to make a donation to her Facebook Cause, ChildFund International. You can donate by clicking here.

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