Encouraged by Her Sponsors, Else Pursues Nursing in Indonesia

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By ChildFund Indonesia
Posted on 12/7/2015

Else, who lives in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, is a nursing school graduate and has been sponsored since she was a child. Few people in her village continue their studies after high school, but Else is pursuing a master’s degree in nursing, after which she will be able to work in a hospital. She spoke to us about the importance of being sponsored through ChildFund.



My father is a farmer. He plants rice in the field. In a dry season, it is very difficult for us as we suffer water scarcity. My mother is a teacher. They both were really happy I could further my studies after I finished high school. Many people work as daily laborers around here or in another place, like Bali.

I am very lucky and grateful that I could study further at the university level. I have been a sponsored child with ChildFund since I was just 6 years old. Being a sponsored child helps my education a lot. ChildFund provided me with a scholarship that supported my living costs while I was studying in Yogyakarta.

My sponsors are from New Zealand. I like getting letters from them. They share with me about their family and their life there.


They just had a grandson recently. They wrote to me asking if I would like to give a name for their newborn grandson. I was very excited and felt honored. Since the grandson was born on Sunday, I gave him the name “Mahari,” which means Sunday. They sent me pictures of their family, too. A couple of times, they also sent me a handkerchief and dried lavender flowers. I keep them all nicely in one place.

I also like to share my life with them. I told them about the weather here, and that in the dry season we have a hard time getting access to clean water. I told them that I joined Child Forum, which is supported by ChildFund. I enjoyed the activities held through the forum, such as the child’s day celebration. I sent them some pictures, one of them from my graduation day.

They told me they have a special room in their house where they put all of the pictures I have sent on the wall.


I feel really connected with my sponsors through their stories about their lives and, most importantly, their encouraging me to keep studying hard. The relationship I have with them makes me feel more confident. I learned a lot about their lives and values.

When I left Sumba to study in Yogyakarta, my father was really sad. My parents took me to the port; my father cried and didn’t leave until my ferry was out of his sight.

“I was really sad too, but I know this is for her future,” my mother said.

While I was in Yogyakarta, my mother visited me twice. The first time was when I was sick, and the second time was on my graduation day.

If I weren’t a sponsored child, I might not be who I am now. I might not be in school at the university level. My sponsors’ encouragement to keep studying hard always motivates me and is helping me achieve my dreams. I want to help cure people. My favorite subject is pediatric nursing. I love taking care of young children. Soon, I will be working in a hospital helping young children in need.