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A Passion for Soccer

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By ChildFund staff
Posted on 8/24/2016


All around the world, we see how children love soccer, or as it’s known in many countries, football. Check out some quotes from children and youth about their passion for the “beautiful game,” yet another name for the sport, and a few photos snapped on the field.

Ruben, 13, of Bolivia: “If you want to play soccer, you must have a healthy body. Soccer is healthy and fun and much better than hanging out with gangs or learning bad habits.”

Anthony, 12, of Quito, Ecuador: "I spend a lot of time with William, my brother who has a disability. We play soccer and marbles. I like to play with my brother because I can teach him a lot of new things."

Juniar, 12, of Central Java, Indonesia: “I love to play soccer with my friends. I usually play soccer on Sunday in a field near my house.”

“I like playing football because I have a lot of fun, and you can also exercise and be healthy,” says Juan Carlos, 12, of Mexico. “It is a great way to compete as well. I’ve played football since I was really little, but I’ve been playing in a more serious way since I was 8 years old. These days, I'm playing in a team called Coruña. We are part of the municipal league in Quiroga, a village close to mine. I'm very comfortable with my teammates, and I get along with them.”

"I like soccer," says Edson, 7, a student at a primary school in Casa Blanca, Guatemala. "I play it at home with my brothers. My favorite team is Real Madrid."

  • Leviticus and his friends play soccer in Luangwa, Zambia.
  • Abdi (on his friends’ shoulders) celebrates scoring a goal in Kenya.
  • Sisters Janet (left) and Noemi love playing soccer in Bolivia.
  • In Ecuador, Jorge (right) shows a move to his cousin.
  • Wilber kicks a ball in front of his house in Guatemala.
  • Aracely’s sponsor gave her a soccer ball as a present when he visited her in Ecuador.
  • Juan Carlos and his team in Mexico.
  • Jeferino likes to play soccer at his school’s field in Timor-Leste.
  • Nestor, with his soccer ball in La Paz, Bolivia.


Photos and captions by ChildFund staff