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Nadeeka Comes Closer to Achieving Her Dream

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By ChildFund Sri Lanka staff
Posted on 8/29/2016

Nadeeka, 21, encountered tragedy when she was a child, but with the help of her sponsors and ChildFund’s local partner organization in her Sri Lankan community, she succeeded in school. Today, she’s heading for a bright future. Here is Nadeeka’s story, in her own words.

Nadeeka is a former sponsored child and a student at Colombo University in Sri Lanka.

“When I was 6 years old, my mother died and my father became very sick. The combination left a big hole, one that felt like it would swallow the rest of us. But I hung on. I realized that the only way out of poverty for me was education. My dream was to do well in my studies, gain entrance to university through a competitive examination and become a graduate teacher.

“I worked hard against many obstacles. During this time, my life was touched by two people living many miles away. Through ChildFund, I was sponsored by a French couple. I felt their presence through letters and gifts that would arrive at my home like little surprises. Their encouraging words would sometimes echo in my mind when I was having a bad day. Sometimes it felt like they were filling a gap left by my parents and were quietly guiding me with their interest and encouragement.

“Despite many difficulties at home, there were also many victories. I became library captain, class captain and school captain. My relationship with ChildFund’s local partner, Ruhunu Wellassa Area Federation (RWAF), helped me gain new knowledge and experiences. The supplementary classes organized by RWAF helped me at a time when I couldn’t even dream of paying for classes. In the meantime, I started my advanced studies and received assistance from ChildFund for tuition and school materials.

“In grades 8 and 10, I was second in my class, and from grade 10 until the exams, I was first in class. My hard work paid off when I finally gained entrance to university. I was the only student in my school to gain university entrance that year. When I wrote to my sponsor parents about it, they were overjoyed.

“I am now a first-year student in the Colombo University arts faculty, and I am closer to my dream. I know that I couldn’t have come this far without the support that I received from my sponsors, ChildFund and RWAF.”