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Sponsor’s Gifts Spark a Passion for the Environment

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By Priscilla Chama, ChildFund Zambia
Posted on 10/26/2016

Kenny (in center) is intrigued by geography and the environment, thanks in part to his sponsor’s encouragement.

When Kenny was sponsored in 2001, his sponsor started sending him maps and books about geography. As he grew older, Kenny got more and more interested in the world and environmental issues like global warming and deforestation.

Now, Kenny’s 17 and a high-school junior. He likes to talk to other people in his Zambian village about what he’s learned. “I am able to confidently stand before my friends and explain, in detail, the themes in the books,” he says. In school, Kenny earned an academic distinction in geography during his ninth-grade exams and gave a complex speech about trends in climate change. He advocates using twigs and fallen branches to fuel fires instead of cutting down trees for firewood.

“It really opened my eyes,” he says of a book he read about forest clearing. “If we continue allowing the cutting of trees in the villages, we are going to suffer the effects of deforestation and climate change.”

Kenny’s father, Daud, is proud of his son and thankful for his relationship with his sponsor. “Through the exchange of information between Kenny and his sponsor, I have come to learn new things too, as he usually shares with the family members what he receives from his sponsor,” Daud says. “I would like to thank his sponsor for the literature he shares with my child. It has really helped him not only at school but also at home, and he wants to study geography in the future.”

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