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Angelina’s Story: Why Sponsorship Matters

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By Alcina Nunes, ChildFund Timor-Leste
Posted on 12/12/2016

Angelina, with her family's cows on their farm in Timor-Leste

Eighteen-year-old Angelina lives in Timor-Leste with her three sisters and four brothers, plus their mother and father. As subsistence farmers, Angelina's parents do not have the financial means to send all of their children to school. Some of her siblings have dropped out of school to help their parents earn an income.

When Angelina was 6, she received her first letter from her ChildFund sponsor. She went to a local workshop on letter writing and began corresponding with her sponsor. "I feel very happy when I receive a letter," she says. "The pictures make me feel close to my sponsor."

She also attended a hygiene workshop through ChildFund, a program that helps children stay healthy. During the planting period, Angelina helps her parents with planting and tending crops. "I've been focused on planting, and I'm aware that I should wash my hands properly before preparing meals and before eating," she says. "Before, I wasn't aware that I could get sick if I don't wash my hands after helping on the farm."

Angelina's family received a cow, too. Today, they have four, even after selling one to raise money for household necessities and Angelina's school materials like notebooks, books and uniforms.

Angelina knows that going to school is important so she can gain more knowledge, and she hopes to become a teacher. Her path to achieve this dream is much clearer, thanks to ChildFund and her generous sponsor.