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Pedro’s Message: “Don’t Give Up!”

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By Jessica Takato, ChildFund Brazil
Posted on 1/4/2017

Pedro, 13, plays snooker at his community center in northeastern Brazil. He also plays soccer there.

Pedro is only 13 years old, but he already has learned some important lessons.

"I can't be the enemy of anyone, ever," he says. "When I'm sad, I go to the community center and talk to my friends and teachers. I found that I can't hold on to anger." One of Pedro's teachers even congratulated him for never holding grudges and knowing how to forgive others.

When Pedro goes to his community center, run by one of ChildFund's local partners in northeast Brazil, he feels relaxed, forgets his problems and is happier.

Born in Brazil's rural Cariri region, Pedro has faced many challenges. His family was so poor, he didn't have a bed or other furniture. Before he was sponsored through ChildFund, Pedro slept in a hammock. But his sponsor provided his family with a financial gift so he could get a bed, a mattress and a dresser to hold his clothes. "Before, I had nothing," Pedro says. "She is very good, and I like her a lot."

He and his sponsor have a close bond, because they exchange letters regularly, and Pedro says that she has written that she prays for him regularly. He hopes to meet his sponsor one day, but he understands that the distance from the United States to Brazil is a challenge.

In the meantime, Pedro attends flute lessons and plays soccer at his community center. He hopes one day to "be a footballer like Neymar," a world champion. Pedro never misses a practice, and he plays the crucial position of goalkeeper.

Despite his family's financial difficulties, Pedro never ceases to be cheerful and optimistic. He says he wants to send a message to the world: "Do not give up your dreams, ever!"