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  • Two Dairy Goats

    Product Name

    Goats provide surplus dairy products that families can sell for income.

    ID: 51464
  • A Mini-Herd of Three Goats

    Product Name

    Dairy products from goats promote children’s growth and development.

    ID: 51466
  • A Herd of Ten Goats Plus Training

    Product Name

    Herds produce baby goats to pass along or sell.

    ID: 51468
  • Three Chickens

    Product Name

    Chickens help a family produce their own fresh, healthy food.

    ID: 51490
  • Six Chickens

    Product Name

    Raising chickens means families don’t have to buy eggs.

    ID: 51492
  • One Chicken Farm and Twenty-Five Chicks

    Product Name

    Families will raise egg-laying chickens for nutrition and income.

    ID: 51494
  • One Chicken Farm and Fifty Chicks

    Product Name

    This chicken farm gives a family newfound independence.

    ID: 51496
  • One Pig with Feed

    Product Name

    Provide for the well-being of children with of a pig.

    ID: 51474
  • Two Pigs with Feed

    Product Name

    Pigs bring hope for a better future.

    ID: 51476

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