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  • One Mosquito Net

    Product Name

    Protect children from disease and death with a mosquito net.

    ID: 51557
  • One Soccer Ball

    Product Name

    Improve the physical and mental development of young sports enthusiasts.

    ID: 51569
  • One Warm Blanket

    Product Name

    Help keep colds and respiratory illnesses at bay.

    ID: 51543
  • Three Fruit Trees

    Product Name

    Produce contributes to a healthy diet and families’ incomes.

    ID: 51504
  • Three Chickens

    Product Name

    Chickens help a family produce their own fresh, healthy food.

    ID: 51490
  • Mama Kit in Uganda

    Product Name

    Give mother and baby supplies for a healthy start.

    ID: 51585
  • One Mattress

    Product Name

    Give a child a good night’s rest away from the cold floor.

    ID: 51541
  • Share of a Dairy Cow

    Product Name

    Income from cows helps families afford basics for children.

    ID: 51488
  • A Gift to Childrens Greatest Needs

    Product Name

    Help children in desperate need with life-sustaining resources.

    ID: 51521

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