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  • One Mosquito Net

    Product Name

    Save vulnerable children from deadly malaria with mosquito nets.

    ID: 52107
  • Three Fruit Trees

    Product Name

    Give long-lasting nutrition with fruit trees.

    ID: 52067
  • Three Chickens

    Product Name

    Chickens help a family produce their own fresh, healthy food.

    ID: 52047
  • One Solar Lantern

    Product Name

    Your gift of solar lanterns is an innovative way to keep children safe and learning long after the sun goes down. They’ve been requested in Honduras, India, Liberia, Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

    ID: 52087
  • A Donation for Gifts in Kind

    Product Name

    Your gift multiplies almost 32 times to deliver donated goods.

    ID: 52083
  • A Gift to Just Read!

    Product Name

    Encourage reading and success in the poorest regions of the U.S. with Just Read!

    ID: 52085
  • A Gift to Emergency Help for Ethiopia

    Product Name

    Families in Ethiopia are suffering the effects of a devastating drought. Your gift will help distribute baskets of food including grain and cooking oil. And supplementary food will be provided to malnourished children as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. This is an urgent need and a gift that can save lives!

    ID: 52079
  • One Water Purification Kit

    Product Name

    Your gift joins with funding from the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to help ChildFund deliver the necessary hand washing and sanitation education, training and supplies to the families who really need it.

    ID: 52117
  • A Multiplying Gift for Orphans and Homeless Children in Uganda

    Product Name

    Orphans and homeless children in Uganda urgently need your help. Your gift today will help return more of them to safe, nurturing homes.

    ID: 52081

ChildFund International has earned high ratings from Charity Navigator, the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charities Review Council.

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