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Essentials for Survival

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Essentials for Survival
Essentials for Survival


In Senegal, Sadio could tell you about the 9-month-old son she lost to preventable illness, and her 2-year-old daughters who struggle with respiratory infections. Nicoletta, in Kenya, could talk about her 1-year-old twins almost dying from malnutrition. For 13-year-old Azizullah, his Afghan village’s lack of water meant a twice-daily, four-mile round trip to a spring.

Now, Sadio’s daughter has care when she needs it. Nicoletta’s twins are growing and learning. Azizullah’s village has a water pump, and he is enjoying eighth grade.

Save lives for as little as 49¢ a day.

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When you make a monthly Essentials for Survival gift, you are helping provide the basics – food, water and health care – for more children and families like these.