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Gifts of Love & Hope for Girls


For children living in extreme poverty, and especially for girls, education builds a brighter future.

This holiday season, you can help girls stay in school and learn — with unique gifts from our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog.

We've added a special, girl-focused section that includes educational support, micro-loans and materials for teaching young women weaving skills, as well as other tools to improve their lives.

Here are a few items to help girls, women and their families this holiday season and beyond.

Small-business grant for a mother in Liberia$143#49980

Just $143 can help a woman support her family. The micro-finance loan is a grant for a mother to start a small business. She can then use the profits to help feed and clothe her children and pay for school and medical bills.

Weaving materials and training for a young woman in Indonesia$554#49974
Share of weaving materials and training for a young woman in Indonesia$100#49976

Popular Ikat fabrics bring profits for families while building skills to pass along to daughters. This gift can teach a woman the skills to weave elaborate textiles, which can then bring good prices at market. Women can also do this type of work from home, close to their children and families.

Bicycle for a student in India$100#49982

Girls in India have to walk a long way to school, which makes it a struggle to keep up with their studies. For $100, a girl can get to school faster and easier, which means less time on the road and more time focused on studies and learning.

Education support kit for an orphaned girl in India$54#49984
One-year scholarship for a girl in Ethiopia$143#49986

Education can help a girl get out of poverty and move forward in life. But too often, a girl’s education is interrupted because she can't afford to go to school. A one-year scholarship pays for school fees, books, a school bag, supplies and a uniform.

Each item you send makes a difference in a child’s life, whether it’s a new skill, a good education or a much-needed resource for their family.

Choose an item above, or shop in our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog to see our full selection. You can place your order anytime, either through our website or by calling 1-800-610-9013.

If you'd like to honor a friend or loved one with your gift, that person will receive a beautiful card sharing the news of your generosity to help children worldwide.

Another Way to Help

When you shop online in the ChildFund Store, 17 to 33 percent of the purchase price (depending on the item) goes to our Children’s Greatest Needs fund. Holiday items now available.



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