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How We Do It

We focus on highly vulnerable children from birth to young adulthood, helping them use their voices to make their communities into places where they can thrive. With the generous monthly support of our sponsors along with donations and grants from the public and private sector, we help children break free from poverty.

Children are the direct beneficiaries of all programs we support. We strive to understand children’s experiences of poverty and meaningfully involve them in all program activities.

We do this by forming long-term partnerships with communities, local organizations, schools and government agencies, blending our areas of expertise and evidence-based research to bring about change in defined geographic areas.

ChildFund Supports Children Throughout Life Stages

We work for positive outcomes in every stage of a child’s life. The transitions between life stages are especially critical points for ensuring children stay on a healthy development path.

Healthy and Secure Infants

We know a healthy beginning for infants means future promise. ChildFund programs promote

  • good nutrition and care during the prenatal period and early years
  • protection against potentially life-threatening childhood illnesses
  • opportunities to develop and learn through play and exploration
  • stronger relationships between children and the adults who care for them

Educated and Confident Children

We support children as they grow and develop through programs that provide

  • knowledge and life skills in school, at home and in the community
  • foundations on which to build lifelong learning and confidence
  • interaction with other children, family and community members to develop social skills

Skilled and Involved Youth

We assist youth with the critical transition to adulthood through programs that teach

  • skills needed to enter the workforce and meet the challenges of growing into adulthood
  • skills to help understand and express emotions in ways that foster safe and fulfilling relationships
  • enhanced social and leadership skills to become meaningfully involved in the betterment of their communities

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