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Join the Fight Against Malaria on April 25

Join the Fight Against Malaria on April 25
Francis, a 5-year-old from Uganda, has a mosquito net over his bed and has seen his health improve.

Despite being relatively simple to treat and prevent, malaria remains one of the world's biggest killers. In developing nations, this deadly disease claims the lives of millions of people, and unless action is taken, it will continue to pose a threat to vulnerable children around the world. To raise awareness of malaria's impact across the globe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated April 25 World Malaria Day.

A Serious Problem

Malaria is one of the most serious diseases faced by people living in developing nations. More than 665,000 people die of malaria every year, 605,000 of whom live in Africa. In some parts of the world, malaria kills one child every 60 seconds, making it one of the most urgent health problems globally. Approximately 3.3 billion people are at risk of malaria — almost half the planet's population — and around 216 million cases of malaria are reported annually.

Despite the seriousness of malaria, the disease can be effectively prevented by the use of chemically treated mosquito nets. Of the 31 countries ChildFund works in, malaria is prevalent in 27. Our initiatives have helped save many lives, and the generosity of our supporters has allowed us to provide mosquito nets to thousands of vulnerable children around the world. However, many more children lack these potentially lifesaving nets and are still at risk of contracting malaria.

Putting a Stop to Malaria

On World Malaria Day, events will be held around the world to raise awareness of malaria and the measures that can be taken to stop the spread of the disease. There are a number of ways to get involved, from adding World Malaria Day buttons to your blog or website to holding your own event. The WHO has also set up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter for World Malaria Day, offering you another way to share the message with friends and family.

One of the best ways you can help is by purchasing chemically treated nets from our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog; families in regions suffering from malaria epidemics will receive the nets. One net costs just $11, and it could save a child's life.