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The Katinas

The Dove-award winning five-man band of Sam, Joe, James, John and Jesse have been making music for the church for over two decades.

Since the days of their youth playing in their father's church worship band, the Katinas have always had a unique way of cutting through the noise and straight to people's hearts with their music. Perhaps it's their gorgeously crafted song arrangements. Maybe it's their lush Polynesian harmonies. It could be the warmth of their smiles and their authenticity onstage, offstage and backstage.

Having grown up in the islands and raising their own families stateside, their multicultural background has only complemented their effectiveness in cross-cultural outreach. Whether it's here in the United States or overseas in France, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia and many more countries, the Katinas' ministry has touched countless cities for over 25 years.

ChildFund is excited to be partnering with The Katinas to see hundreds of child from around the world find sponsors, who will provide these kids with the opportunity for a brighter, more full future.


Once in a lifetime an artist or band comes along that is so unique, so fresh and so original that it starts a whole new trend for the rest of the music industry to follow, Herrick is one such band.

With intricate harmonies and a distinctive sound that combines the best of folk, rock, blues and country, Herrick shatters the current country music mold and creates a new path for it to follow. A true One-Of-A-Kind Band. Formed in Spokane Washington, this four-piece is no overnight sensation. Over the many years together they have written their own music, including the new single, "Do You Love Me", literally playing thousands of shows all across America.

Herrick began partnering with ChildFund in 2013 and are passionate about sharing the impact that sponsorship can have in transforming the lives of children and communities living in poverty.

Ends of the Earth Cycling

Ends of the Earth Cycling, based out of New Mission Systems International in Fort Myers, FL, exists to transform the lives of global youth.

With nationwide events each year, Ends Cycling coordinates 300-mile cycling tours to raise funds and awareness for youth ministries throughout the world. To date, over 50,000 miles have been cycled by over 200 participants raising over $200,000 to promote and facilitate global youth ministry!

Team Rock

This team of national champion martial arts experts has been wowing audiences around the country with its highflying, jaw-dropping performances that showcase an extraordinary display of martial arts skills and theatrics.

Team Rock, which swept the awards for extreme air, power breaking, and self-defense at the 2011 U.S. Open Hanmadang National Championship, combines the talents of some of the nation's top martial arts performers. Together, they provide high-end entertainment that dazzles people of all ages and brings them back over and over again.

Equipped with its own full-fledged, professional staging, Team Rock brings a show like you've never seen before. Whether you are a fair or festival seeking entertainment, a school looking for an unforgettable way to motivate students to make smart life choices, or a church wanting to reach youth with a life-changing message, we are here to serve you.

Aaron Long

Musician, Songwriter, Food Enthusiast, Traveler

Being an active and outgoing kid, as Aaron grew up he knew that a typical nine-to-five desk job was not what he was being called to. Being rooted and established in a Christian home, and having had re-dedicated his life to the Lord in his late teens, Aaron began pursuing worship leading… not as his "profession" per say, but as his God-given calling.

Whether it be churches, local events, schools, or nonprofits, Aaron has toured both nationally and internationally.

On a more casual note…Aaron will openly admit to being a complete coffee snob. He enjoys a good pour-over, quality pun, notable sarcasm, rare steak, and netflix marathons. Not to mention that he's not a huge fan of his middle name, but is a huge fan of the woman that gave it to him. (yea, that's you, mom.) He's an Orioles and Ravens fan and will take an apartment in the city over a little house in the country any day. And over the past couple of years, he's slept on more floors and air mattresses than actual beds.

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