Providing Children in Need With Vital Medical Supplies


Caption: Health huts in Honduras and other countries need equipment and supplies to keep families healthy.
Caption: Health huts in Honduras and other countries need equipment and supplies to keep families healthy.

For children living in poverty, access to basic health care is often out of reach. Whether children live in rural areas many miles from the nearest clinic or their families simply cannot afford lifesaving medicines or regular checkups, these children are at particular risk of falling ill to preventable diseases. ChildFund works in some of the most deprived areas of countries around the world to provide children in need with essential medicines and health care.

Restocking Health Huts

In Ethiopia, Honduras, Sierra Leone and other countries, a scarcity of health centers creates tremendous pressure to provide medicines and treatment to the sick. Limited resources at local health huts can prevent children and their families from receiving treatment they need. ChildFund supports some of these facilities in the world's poorest countries, but to do so, we need your help.

Our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog offers you a number of ways to help us continue supporting these vital resources. Restocking medications is one of the most urgent needs in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, The Gambia, the Philippines and Honduras, and without the support of our donors, we couldn't help provide them with the drugs they need to save lives and keep children healthy. A gift of $100 will help ensure that health posts in these countries receive the equipment and medications they need.

Offering a Lifeline to Families

Although the health huts we support need your help, so do individual families. In Sierra Leone, a basic first aid kit is a tremendous gift. With these essential supplies, parents can treat their children for minor injuries and reduce the risk of secondary infections. For just $35, you can provide a first aid kit for a family living in Sierra Leone, allowing them to take care of less serious wounds without having to travel many miles to the nearest medical center.

With so many ways to help, our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog is a great way for you to fight child poverty and bring hope to families living in the world's poorest countries.

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