We start work in a community intending to eventually leave it behind. In fact, our exit from a community signifies that it has become self-sustaining and productive — an environment where children can thrive.

In Taiwan, that kind of story has played out in a big way. Twenty-five years after ChildFund began its work there in 1950, our Taiwan operation was declared ready for independence because the young island nation had become prosperous enough for local sponsors to begin supporting the program themselves. ChildFund Taiwan, now one of the dozen member organizations (alongside ChildFund International) of the ChildFund Alliance, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2010.

There are smaller stories, as well — thousands of them that we hear every day.

There are our alumni, including Dickson, Thiago and Shauntay. Monica, Misozi and Joe.

There are children growing in our programs right now: Meshack, Anista, the students in a ChildFund-supported school in Honduras and the YES club members in south Texas.

There are stories of schools refurbished or added to, water and sanitation access implemented, malaria prevention tactics disseminated.

There are stories of children and youth and their families working together to achieve improvements in their communities beyond what they’d imagined.

This abundant anecdotal evidence of success complements our efforts to measure and report our progress toward our goals for children. ChildFund’s work, in turn, grows and deepens as we more efficiently leverage the generosity of our sponsors.


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