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This Valentine’s Day, Give a Gift With True Meaning

Each year for Valentine’s Day, many of us give loved ones chocolates, half of which get eaten, or flowers that are gone in a week.

This year, give a gift that will last — a gift with true meaning, one that will change a child’s life and spread love around the world.

Here are a few ideas for that special someone on your list:

Capture your loved one’s heart with a piglet!$88#49938

A family in Uganda can work together to raise the pig, then sell it for a profit that can bring hope for their future.

Your sweetheart will love these cute and cuddly rabbits!$53#50028

Send them to a family in Mozambique. Easy to care for and breed, rabbits can provide extra income for a family to buy food or other necessary items.

Get a hug from your honey by sending a school uniform!$25#50117

That’s sure to happen when you tell her you’ve sent a school uniform to a child in Kenya, making education possible. In Kenya, schoolchildren are required to wear uniforms, but many parents can’t afford them.

Trade in the romance novels for a children’s book!$8#50107

Instead of a romantic novel as this year’s Valentine’s gift, how about sending a book to a child in Honduras, to celebrate the love of reading?

Each item you send can make a difference in children’s lives, whether it helps them get a good education, encourages them to read or helps their families get ahead.

Choose an item above, or shop our full selection. Then, place your order on our website, or call 1-800-610-9013. The person whom you honor will receive a beautiful card sharing the news of your thoughtful gift to help change children’s lives. Thank you for including the children in your celebration!


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