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World AIDS Day 2005

Join Christian Children’s Fund, its country offices and the World AIDS Campaign in commemorating World AIDS Day, December 1, 2005.


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CCF is combating HIV/AIDS and its ravage upon communities, families and children, with a continued call for action, empathy and understanding that we hope will lead to a cure.

CCF focuses its HIV/AIDS efforts in six areas:

  1. Preventing HIV/AIDS
  2. Promoting voluntary counseling and testing for HIV
  3. Providing care, support and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS
  4. Supporting orphans and other vulnerable children
  5. Promoting food security
  6. Economic strengthening for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families

Observe World AIDS Day and:

  • increase awareness about the disease and those affected by it;
  • extend education about prevention and effective management of the disease;
  • support people living with HIV/AIDS;
  • stand as a reminder that the public is concerned about this pandemic.


In alignment with the World AIDS Day 2005 “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” theme, CCF-Zambia organized activities relating to the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the care and support of those affected or living with the disease.

To educate women, a population at increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, the Langwe program community is:

  • conducting voluntary counseling and testing;
  • organizing instructional classes about prevention and the possible transmission of the disease to their children.

Through the Australian Partnership with African Communities (APAC) program, CCF-assisted children in Chongwe and Kafue district program communities are taking part in inter-school debates on the promotion of healthy living and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Essay competitions have also been organized to provide children an opportunity to share their experiences with HIV/AIDS.

Child assemblies have been organized in the two districts. During these assemblies, children receive encouragement to express opinions about the programs government and policy makers are planning. These plans will renew the government’s commitment to and resolve for HIV/AIDS-related education.

Recommendations will be sent to the Zambian government.

CCF-assisted children and youth in the Tithandizane program community will also express their concerns and experiences on-air.

“In all activities, the youth — those trained as peer educators — will act as judges to award prizes on the best awareness prevention,” said Victor Koyi, national director for CCF-Zambia. “This is aimed at ensuring that children are at the center or prime movers of their own development activities … their own futures.”

Additional CCF programs include:


Various CCF program communities in Brazil — a country in which, according to the Chicago Tribune, the number of AIDS-related deaths has been reduced by 50 percent — are commemorating World AIDS Day with demonstrations and awareness campaigns.

In partnership with the local health officials and other organizations, CCF Brazil is:

  • hosting informational videos and follow-up discussions about HIV/AIDS
  • distributing educational materials and brochures to the at-risk population


In 2003, approximately 1.2 million people in Kenya were living with HIV/AIDS.

Thus, it is with great urgency that CCF-Kenya is commemorating World AIDS Day 2005.

In the Maruri district program community, the youth outreach program organized educational plays and poetry readings.

CCF-assisted individuals living with HIV/AIDS in the southwestern district of Kisumu will also share their stories, using dramatic sequences, storytelling and poetry.