ChildFund's COVID-19 Response by Region




Our Work to Help Children Impacted by COVID-19 Continues

Since the COVID-19 crisis took the world by storm in early 2020, ChildFund has been working hard alongside our local partners, authorities, and families and children themselves to make sure kids have the food, water, health care, education and protection they need. Learn how we’re responding in each of the countries where we work in the Americas, Africa and Asia below – and we’ll update this page as our response progresses.

Children around the world continue to grapple with the challenges and stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your kind, supportive thoughts in a message could be just the thing they need. Mail delivery isn't the challenge it used to be, though the slow and careful process of collecting and sharing precious messages with children continues to hold true. Remember, E-letters are still the safest, fastest and most reliable way to make sure your messages and photos get delivered to your sponsored child. Log in or register for your account and sign up for e-writing in the “My Correspondence” section of your donor portal to start writing today!


Updates by Region

ChildFund teams in the Americas report continued improvement in terms of vaccination availability and ongoing approaches to program delivery. Life has become more normalized, though mask rules remain in effect in many areas. Schools remain mostly in a hybrid/virtual mode with hopes for full-time learning in person in the upcoming academic year. Reported cases in our supported communities are low. Most countries across the Americas have seen improvements in delivery of sponsor/child messages, though places like Bolivia, Honduras and our US Programs continue to experience delays.

“The food kit arrived at a wonderful time,” says Ana Maria (center), pictured with her children in Minas Geras, Brazil, with the food and hygiene kit they received from ChildFund during the COVID-19 lockdown. “My husband travels every year to work in the coffee harvest, but this year it was not possible. The agriculture that we do is not enough for our survival. ChildFund … is helping us overcome this difficult time with dignity.” Photo by Miriam da Costa.

In our supported communities, few new COVID-19 cases have been reported in recent months, though continued measures remain in place to promote public safety. Compulsory mask-wearing is found almost everywhere. In Uganda and Mozambique, nightly curfews remain in effect. And even while vaccines are increasingly reported available to the general public – including for teenagers in Kenya and Zambia – penetration of vaccines remains among lowest in the world. On a positive note, schools are open for in-person learning across most countries. ChildFund’s programming across the region continues to follow safety measures when gatherings occur and to explore other virtual means for connecting with children and families. In most areas, the communications we support between sponsors and children are nearly back to normal. We're grateful to see these precious connections further restored.


Nhabete, 16, receives a bike at a ChildFund gift distribution in Mozambique, which will cut down dramatically on her commute time to school. Although many in-person activities have resumed, masks remain compulsory.


Following a challenging phase of increased cases and renewed restrictions in the fall, most of our areas of operation in Asia have seen a welcome reprieve as we closed the year. Vaccines are more generally available, and schools are open at least for hybrid learning. For some countries, such as Cambodia and Sri Lanka, in-person classes have resumed. ChildFund’s local partner organizations in these areas remain vigilant in following health protocols while introducing the flexibility of more in-person programming activities. We still rely on virtual outreach when appropriate. Our ability to facilitate timely communications between sponsors and children has greatly improved in most countries, with some delays still felt in Thailand.


What’s better than making your own masks? Sharing them with a friend! Fara, 13 (left), who is enrolled in ChildFund’s programs in Indonesia, started making masks during lockdown to stay busy and help others. “I pray that this virus will soon disappear,” she says.



Visuals on COVID-19 Cases and Vaccination Rates

To get a better idea of COVID-19 vaccination rates where your sponsored child lives, check out these charts from Our World in Data.


Confirmed daily cases of COVID-19



COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people





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