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Speak up and inspire sponsorship

Childfund Action Network

Become a ChildFund Humanitarian and motivate others to sponsor a child.

Who are ChildFund Humanitarians?

ChildFund Huminatrians  

They are people just like you … ChildFund sponsors who want to make a difference in more children’s lives by speaking up and getting involved in the ChildFund Action Network.

Through the ChildFund Action Network, you will join a nationwide group of volunteers to help connect people in your circle of friends to children who are waiting for sponsors.

How can I help?

By sharing your ChildFund experience, you’ll inspire others to sponsor a child and forever change a life.

Humanitarians tell their sponsorship stories in a variety of ways:

  • Setting up a sponsorship table at events
  • Giving group presentations
  • Sharing one-on-one
  • Hosting sponsorship events

The end result is a nationwide community of ChildFund sponsors who will experience the joy of transforming a child’s life, and who will provide more help for children in need.

How do I get involved?

Joining the ChildFund Action Network as a Humanitarian is a simple way to multiply your impact and inspire others to sponsor a child.

Basic requirements:

  • Current ChildFund sponsor
  • At least 18 years old
  • Background check and liability release

Join us. Volunteer to be a Humanitarian in the ChildFund Action Network.


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