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2013 Articles

December 2013
Reaching the Tipping Point Against AIDS
Continuing the Fight Against Malaria
U.S. Increasing Investment in West Africa
Visualizing Mortality Worldwide
November 2013
The Devastating Impact of Unimproved Sanitation
Internet Access Connects Communities in Africa
Campaigning to End Violence Against Women
Improving Access to Education for Ethiopian Girls
Assessing the Aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan
Fighting Poverty in Uganda
Improving Educational Achievement in Developing Nations
Small Voices Big Dream Report
Monitoring Progress in Africa
Scientists Discover HIV-Resistant Protein in Breast Milk
After Typhoon Haiyan, a Long Recovery Effort Lies Ahead
Understanding U.S. Foreign Aid
World Bank Renewing Investment in Africa
How Many People Lack a Clean Toilet? One in Three.
Raising Awareness on World Diabetes Day
Urban Farming in Uganda
Join the Fight This World Pneumonia Day
Maintaining Momentum in Child Immunizations
Fighting Malaria Through Technology
Overcoming Agricultural Problems in Kenya
The Effects of Poverty on Education in the United States
Breaking the Chains of Global Slavery
October 2013
Uncountable Children: ChildFund’s 75-year Impact
Battling Obesity in Mexico
White Gold: Sugar, Globalization and Struggling Workers
The Health Impact of Gender Inequality
Shining the Spotlight on the Millennium Villages Project
Counting Chickens: Poultry Farming in Kenya
Health Care Initiatives Making a Difference in Afghanistan
See the Difference You Can Make
Verent Mills, ‘Our Man’ in China
Give Back to India During Diwali
Promoting Growth Through Development at the World Health Summit
Thrown Away: India's E-Waste Problem
Planting Seeds of Hope in Ethiopia
What’s Next? ChildFund and the Post-2015 World
Recognizing Families on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Fighting Cancer in Developing Nations
Activists Urge World Bank Divestment from Private Water Companies
Recognizing ChildFund's Sponsor Care Team During Customer Service Week
Addressing Poor Sanitation in India
Researchers Make Progress Toward Malaria Vaccine
Africa's Enduring Struggle Against Poverty
Leveraging Data to Empower Women
Efficient Funding Saves Lives
Early Childhood Development Programs in Ecuador Change How Parents See Children
Sub-Saharan Africa's Biofuel Problem
September 2013
Beyond the Millennium Development Goals
Measuring the Impact of Developmental Aid in Africa
United Nations Commits to Protect Children From Armed Conflicts
Enduring Struggles: Poverty in the United States
The Persistent Threat of Typhoons in Southeast Asia
Monthly Giving: How Your Money Helps
Assessing the Burden of Disease in Africa
How Child Sponsorship Helps Children
Dengue Fever on the Rise in Many Developing Nations
The Ongoing Fight Against Child Mortality
The Devastating Effects of Earthquakes
Mobilizing for Impact: The Clinton Global Initiative
Discovery of Aquifers Could Provide Needed Water to Northern Kenya
Reflecting on International Day of Peace
Swept Away: The Danger of Flooding in Developing Nations
Make a Difference Through Social Media
Support ChildFund Through Fundraising Projects
Preventing Hunger in Honduras
Celebrating Mexican Independence Day
The Need for Emergency Response in Developing Nations
Identify Your Planned Giving Goals
Quenching the Thirst for Clean Water in Timor-Leste
August 2013
Keeping Children in Vietnam's Mountains Warm
Giving Ethiopian Women Professional Opportunities
Celebrating Binara Full Moon Poya Day in Sri Lanka
The Dangers of Drought
Improving Education in Cambodia
Dreaming of a Healthier Start for Children in East Africa
Encourage Your Workplace to Help Change the World
Fostering Creativity in Brazil
Working Together to Empower the World's Youth
Help ChildFund by Donating to a Project
Providing Children in Need With Vital Medical Supplies
Powering Communities: Securing Energy in Developing Nations
Photography, a Contest and a New Way of Seeing in Brazil
Taking Action Against Child Violence
Celebrating Aid Workers on World Humanitarian Day
Infrastructural Challenges in Afghanistan
The Importance of Vaccinations
Dengue Fever: Brazil's Fastest-Spreading Disease
Unemployment Prevents Youth Moving Forward
Reducing Child Mortality in Liberia
The Importance of Sports for Children
Americans' Attitudes Toward Child Labor Are Shifting
Preventing Child Trafficking in India
Help Children Stay in School
WHO Highlights the Importance of Breastfeeding
The Dangers of a Poor Diet
July 2013
In Guinea Filling Community Needs
Indonesia: A Country in Transition
Supporting Kenyan Orphans Affected by HIV and AIDS
Cambodia's Rapidly Expanding Population
Closing the Social Inequality Gap in the Philippines
A New Survey on Child Labor Reveals Americans’ Views
Share Your Story Infographic
Soccket to Mexico: Kicking a Ball Powers Light for Families in Need
Good News for Children of Guatemala
Helping Children with Disabilities in Belarus
Building Schools in Mozambique
Laying Strong Foundations in Ecuador
Helping Thai Children Express Themselves Through Play
Protecting the Children of Afghanistan
Encouraging Healthy Starts for Indian Children
Promoting Skills Training in The Gambia
Expanding Access to Education in Sri Lanka
Facing the Future in Guatemala
Food for Thought in Mexico
Helping Kenyan Children Stay in School
Protect Children from Violence
Strengthening Families in Brazil
Improving Hygiene in Indonesia
Helping the Youth of Honduras Stand Together
Ending Child Labor in India
June 27, 2013
Help ChildFund Aid Communities During Natural Disasters
Help Close the Gender Gap in Senegal
Investing in the Future Through Monthly Giving
A Childhood Improved Through Sponsorship
June 25, 2013
Get Active With Your Children and ChildFund on Pinterest
Education Within Reach for Ethiopian Children
Thailand's Dok Krachiao Blooming Festival
June 20, 2013
Shaping Children’s First Years in India
June 19, 2013
Life for Survivors of Chernobyl in Belarus
Strengthening Communities with Microloans
Ways to Show a Sponsored Child You Care
June 13, 2013
Fighting Poverty in Mexico
Giving Children a Healthy Start in Indonesia
June 10, 2013
A Chance Meeting Connects Two Worlds
June 7, 2013
Supporting Maternal Health in Bolivia
June 6, 2013
Hidden Threat: Landmines in Rural Cambodia
Improving Sanitation in the Philippines
June 4, 2013
Why Sponsor a Child?
June 3, 2013
Learn About Other Countries on Flag Day
Say No To Child Labor on June 12
Help Honduran Children Succeed in School
May 29, 2013
Blunting the Impact of Natural Disasters in Indonesia
Keeping Zambian Children in School
May 24, 2013
Helping Girls in Sierra Leone
May 23, 2013
Maternal and Child Health in Bolivia
May 22, 2013
Fighting Waterborne Disease in The Gambia
May 20, 2013
Providing Aid in the Wake of Natural Disasters
Predicting and Mitigating Drought in Africa
Beyond the War: Poverty in Afghanistan
May 14, 2013
Help Protect Kenyan Families From Malaria
Sponsorship Changes Lives Well Beyond Childhood
Protecting Indian Children Through Community Advocacy
May 10, 2013
Development Asia Publishes Special Report on Inequality
May 9, 2013
A Passion for Learning: Education in Ecuador
May 8, 2013
Nourishing the Future of Mozambique
Focusing on Global Health in May
Encouraging Family Wellness in Togo
May 6, 2013
Honoring Women Around the World This Mother's Day
Clean Water Brings Hope to Ugandan Families
May 3, 2013
Providing Milk to Malnourished Vietnamese Children
May 2, 2013
Remembering Mexico's Poor on Cinco de Mayo
April 30, 2013
Shining a Light on Cambodia
The Devastating Impact of Child Malnutrition
April 25, 2013
Forgotten Children: Poverty in the United States
Grow Hope for the Future on Arbor Day
April 23, 2013
Give the Gift of Hope to Children in Bolivia
April 19, 2013
Join the Fight Against Malaria on April 25
Support ChildFund by Volunteering at a Concert
April 16, 2013
Empowering Parents in Honduras
Embracing Change in Sierra Leone
April 11, 2013
Taking Off Our Shoes for a Good Cause
In Belarus, Driving Social Change for Children
Seeds of Hope: Planting Home Gardens in Timor-Leste
Bringing Hope to Guatemala
April 9, 2013
Children Succeed Through Education in Vietnam
The Battle Against Disease in Uganda
April 8, 2013
How Will You Use Your Tax Return?
Improving Early Childhood Development in India
The Challenges Facing Afghanistan's Children
April 4, 2013
Moving Past Bolivia's 'Water Wars'
Investing in the Future of Sri Lankan Children
April 3, 2013
Bringing Hope to Senegal's Children
Learning to be Young: Rehabilitating Liberian Children
Generations of Poverty: The Struggle of Guinean Children
The Chance to Learn: Education in Mexico
April 1, 2013
PGrowing Toward Prosperity in Ecuador
Protecting Children in Angola
Giving Children a Chance in Mozambique
Struggles Facing the Kenyan Health Care System
Education in Guatemala: Supporting the Unreached and Underserved
March 28, 2013
Fighting Poverty in Mississippi
Reducing Child Mortality Rates in Brazil
March 27, 2013
The Effects of Tourism in Bolivia
Deputy U.N. Chief Urges More Action on Sanitation Crisis
Alliance Leader Participates in Child Protection Forum
March 26, 2013
Creating Memorable Birthdays with Mobile Celebrations
Investing in the Future: Health Care Programs in Togo
Fighting Child Malnutrition in 1,000 Days
March 25, 2013
The Impact of Economic Inequality in India
The Chance to Learn: Education in Mexico
March 22, 2013
Help Fight Tuberculosis on World TB Day
Honor the Planet During Earth Hour
March 20, 2013
Combating Child Abuse in the Caribbean
March 19, 2013
Banding Together on World Water Day
March 15, 2013
The Impact of Civil War in Sierra Leone
March 14, 2013
Help Afghan Children Prepare for Winter
March 8, 2013
The Plight of Orphans in Belarus
March 7, 2013
Unite for Gender Equality on International Women's Day
March 6, 2013
Offer Hope to Schoolchildren in Indonesia
March 5, 2013
Unseen Workers: Child Labor in the Philippines
March 4, 2013
Combating the Food Crisis in The Gambia
February 27, 2013
Fighting Child Poverty in Liberia
February 25, 2013
Celebrate the Gift of Service During Peace Corps Week
February 14, 2013
The Dangers of Child Marriage in India
Health Care in Rural Brazil
February 12, 2013
Connect with a Child You Sponsor
Tackling Poverty in American Indian Communities
The Health Risks of Malnutrition
February 6, 2013
The Devastating Impact of Natural Disasters
Helping Children Close to Home
February 5, 2013
Fighting Poverty in Honduras
January 31, 2013
Child Soldiers: Forced to Fight
January 23, 2013
Nourishing Child Development in Sri Lanka


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