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Support Your Favorite Nonprofit Through Social Media

Become a Social Media Activist to Support Your Favorite Nonprofit

When it comes to fighting child poverty, there are few things more important than raising awareness. ChildFund relies on the generous contributions of supporters to continue helping children around the world. In addition to the financial support our sponsors and donors provide, we also need you to help spread the word to your circle of friends and loved ones about the work we do. One simple way you can do this is by sharing content from ChildFund on your social media networks.

Changing the Face of Giving

In the past, there were fewer ways to promote good causes and the work of nonprofits. Supporters could spread the word by telling friends about their passion for helping others in person, by letter or on the phone, but large-scale sharing and promotion was difficult for the average person. The advent of social media makes it easier for anyone to make their feelings known to hundreds or even thousands of people. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become an instrumental part of raising awareness of the fight against child poverty. If you're already supporting our work, consider taking your generosity a step further by sharing ChildFund's mission with your friends on social media.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also revolutionized how people support the work of nonprofits. Individual donations received through social media accounted for around one-third of fundraising strategies in 2012, and the average social media donation has increased from $38 in 2010 to $59 last year. If you want to help us spread the word about the work we are doing, you can follow us on Twitter, stay up to date with our work on Facebook, check out what our chief executive officer Anne Goddard is saying on Tumblr and see what we're sharing on Pinterest.

Gaining Momentum

Social media has become an integral part of many users' internet experience. As a result, it has never been easier to follow the work of your favorite nonprofits and spread the word about how these groups are making a difference around the world.

Even if you can't afford to make a donation or sponsor a child at the moment, sharing social content helps ChildFund to reach a wider audience and potentially make an even greater impact in the lives of children around the world. Whether you're already supporting ChildFund or plan to do so in the future, sharing our social content is just another way you can help us make the world a better place for children everywhere.

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