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Taking Sponsorship to Another Level
Taking Sponsorship to Another Level

Chris Grecco’s sponsorship story starts out like many others: He heard about child sponsorship through a co-worker, and when he came across a ChildFund ad online, he signed up.

Honduras to Washington
Honduras to Washington: A Sponsorship Story

In a small Honduran village in the mountains, 12-year-old Yunior writes letters regularly to Margaret and Bob Erickson, who live in Washington state, a continent away.

A Sponsor Runs a Marathon for Sri Lanka Children
A Sponsor Runs a Marathon for Sri Lanka Children

Henry and Judi Ferstl began sponsoring two 5-year-old Brazilian children, Jovino and Suely, through ChildFund (then Christian Children’s Fund) in 1981.

Strong Friendships Begin With Sponsorship'
Strong Friendships Begin With Sponsorship

Simply visiting a country halfway around the world can be a physical challenge: taking long flights, plus adjusting to different weather and a new time zone.

Reuniting with Her 'Heart Son'
Reuniting With Her 'Heart Son'

"Sometimes you wonder,” says Rose Fasciocco, a ChildFund sponsor. “Did I really make a difference?"

Omeja Moses says yes.

Coming Full Circle'
Coming Full Circle

When Alison Weatherman met her future husband in North Carolina a decade ago, she had no way of discerning at that moment just how far Alieu had come in life.

Opening Doors for Children'
Opening Doors for Children

Clem and Jane Nichols of Munfordville, Ky., joined the ChildFund community in 2001 by sponsoring eight children — four in Kenya, two in Honduras and two in the United States.

Lifetime of Letters
Lifetime of Letter Writing Shows the Difference Made in Children’s Lives

Half of the world’s poorest people are children. Sandra Nielsen is working to change that staggering statistic. A ChildFund television commercial opened her eyes to a world of need in 1968. She’s been sponsoring children and making a difference in their lives ever since.

Generations of Sponsors
The Kirwin Family

Marion Kirwin’s Philadelphia-area home burned in 2005. This mother of three mentions her house fire only to explain why some dates are approximate ― the paperwork was destroyed — regarding the children she has sponsored for decades




ChildFund Guided CEO’s Path
ChildFund Guided CEO’s Path

You just never know when you touch people’s lives, says Joel John Roberts, CEO of People Assisting The Homeless (PATH). That’s especially true for Roberts whose life was touched at an early age by a family that adopted him from Fanling Babies Home, a Hong Kong orphanage run by ChildFund International (then Christian Children’s Fund).

The Hardest Choice: A Girl Finds Her Way
The Hardest Choice: A Girl Finds Her Way

Finish school, or quit and get a job to help support the family?

No child should face that choice. The fact is that in developing countries, many do. Tasleema did.

Alumna Comes Full Circle
Alumna Comes Full Circle

I am a psychologist currently working as the Integral Program Coordinator at the Tonala program, a ChildFund partner organization in Mexico.

I am also a former sponsored child, and I grew up benefitting from the organization I now work for.

From Sponsored Child to Med Student
From Sponsored Child to Med Student

Thiago lives on the outskirts of Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, where playing soccer with his friends is a frequent pastime. On his face are a few pimples; on his feet, not even a sandal. Up to this point there is nothing special — he is like thousands of other teens his age except for a few details.

Advocating for Youth in Zambia
Advocating for Youth in Zambia

I am Misozi, age 23, the firstborn in a family with four children; I have two sisters and a brother. My father is deceased, but my mother, siblings and I live in the Kafue district, in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.