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We need you to help keep children safe.

In 2000, governments and the United Nations created the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), global priorities for reducing poverty worldwide by 2015. That date is almost here, and world leaders are now considering what the post-2015 agenda should be.

As a child-focused development organization, ChildFund is working to ensure that child protection is high on that list.

In an effort to ensure that violence against and exploitation of children are priorities among the world’s post-2015 goals, ChildFund International has joined its sister organizations in the ChildFund Alliance in the Free From Violence and Exploitation campaign.

Please stand with us. Take action here and sign the petition to make child protection a global priority.

Childfund Alliance

Join us in letting governments and the U.N. know that we believe child protection is key to ending poverty. Help us present thousands of names to world leaders, at the U.N. and beyond. Help us show our own government how many of us care about protecting children. (Please know that ChildFund will neither share your information with any third party nor use it for any other purpose.)

Here’s why ChildFund believes child protection is integral to ending poverty:

Worldwide, almost half of all children experience some form of physical violence before age 8.

For a child struggling to move beyond poverty, a single act of violence can wipe away all her fragile progress in seconds.

About 115 million children around the globe are involved in hazardous work.

Exploitative child labor traps children in dangerous situations and interrupts their educations, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

More than 200 million children — girls and boys — are subject to sexual abuse

Sexual abuse breaks spirits, especially children’s.

Member organizations of the ChildFund Alliance believe a focus on child protection can foster a global mindset that prioritizes and protects children. If children grow up in an environment where that is true, they will value their own children the same way.

Adding your voice takes just seconds. The most life-changing acts often do.

Please also take a moment to invite your friends, colleagues and family members to sign the petition as well. Help us send the message loud and clear.

And thank you — so much — for caring enough about children to do so.

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