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What if I want to enclose more than 3 photos or special gifts, like stickers?

You can still correspond with your child through postal mail if you prefer to send a card or want to enclose small items with your letter. When you send a letter to your child through postal mail, our staff in your child’s country will scan your letter and enclosures into your account. You will receive your child’s response through your account, as well.

Can my child e-mail me?

No. For child protection reasons as well as the lack of internet connectivity in most of our communities, children cannot e-mail their sponsors. Instead, your child will respond by writing you a letter. Our staff in your child’s country will translate it (if necessary) and scan it into your account. You’ll automatically receive an e-mail notification once your child’s original letter and translation are available for you to read.

How long will it take to receive my child’s response?

By sending your letter through our system we eliminate the postal mail delays to and from your child’s country. However, many sponsored children live in remote areas that are difficult to access at certain times of the year. And, during school holidays children often go to live with their grandparents. They’re unavailable until they return home. Families may also travel long distances in search of temporary, seasonal work. So it may still take up to 2 months for you to receive a reply to your letter.

How will I receive my child’s response?

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your child’s letter – and translation into English, if necessary – is available in your account. By clicking on the link in that e-mail you can log in to your account and read, print or download your child’s response.

How will my child receive the letters I send electronically?

When you send a letter through our system, our in-country staff prints it, reviews it, translates (if necessary) and delivers it to your child on their next trip to the field. There is still some delay between sending the letter and receiving a response from your child. Your child will see the same information you saw in the preview step before sending the letter, including a photo, if you attached one.

How often can I send my child letters electronically?

There are no restrictions on correspondence with your child, but we recommend sending letters (either electronically or through postal mail) no more than once a month. The time involved to translate and deliver letters can make more frequent correspondence confusing and costly. 

Will my child answer all of my letters?

Yes. Your child will respond to all of your correspondence, regardless of whether you use our electronic service or send letters through postal mail. Please remember that if you correspond frequently, your letters may cross in transit. And, if several letters from you arrive at the same time, your child may respond to all of them at once.

Tell me more about children and poverty.

We can recommend several recent books:

Children’s Chances, by Jody Heymann; published by Harvard University Press, in 2013

Poor Economics, by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo; published by PublicAffairs, in 2012.

Games in Economic Development, by Bruce Wydick; published by Cambridge University Press, in 2007.

Tell me more about the specific issues affecting children in my sponsorship country.

UNICEF keeps updated statistics and monitoring data on most countries on their website. Click to visit UNICEF