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About Child Sponsorship

  • What's an appropriate amount of money to give to my sponsored child?

    The best amounts are between $20 and $50. Please give monetary gifts online, through your sponsorship statement, or call us at 1-800-776-6767. We’ll make sure your gift is delivered safely to your sponsored child.

    Your sponsored child will receive 100 percent of the gift that you send. Please allow two months for processing and delivery. We would love for you to include a $3.50 to help cover delivery, processing, added security and foreign currency fees.

    Special considerations for Cambodia and Vietnam

    To ensure that all children feel equally supported, special gift donations for children sponsored in Vietnam and Cambodia are combined for use by the community partners to serve all of the children in ChildFund's programs. The strongly communal cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia require that all gifts be shared.

    Community members jointly organize activities and celebrations for the children using gift funds. Or community members may identify other uses for these funds, such as the purchase of books or art supplies to be shared, to bring the maximum benefit to the community's children.

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