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ChildFund’s work in the Caribbean takes place in Dominica and St. Vincent, two small island nations between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, north of Venezuela. While the lush beauty of these tourist destinations is stunning, life is frequently tested not only by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms and volcanic activity, but also by social and economic challenges that are constant threats. Critical issues affecting Dominicans and Vincentians include child violence, child sexual abuse, teen pregnancy and parenting, drug abuse and unemployment. To effect long-term change in their lives and communities, ChildFund has tailored its programs around quality parenting education, quality protective services, income generation and knowledge of rights.

ChildFund has served children in Dominica and St. Vincent since 1985.

ChildFund Caribbean’s Roving Caregivers Program includes activities that promote stimulation and development of young children, through home visits and bonding sessions for parents and their children with trained facilitators or volunteers. The program also includes parenting education, income generation information, youth development programming and health and nutrition activities. Our Early Childhood Development Quality Enhancement program focuses on center-based services for young children: training teachers in child-friendly practices, providing child-appropriate learning materials and resources, and promoting access to learning centers. These programs have recently been incorporated into the government system to increase access to early childhood development services.

Older youth benefit from various day and overnight camps where they have an opportunity to strengthen their life skills and interact positively with their peers. Teachers, parents and guest speakers hold workshops about communication, healthy lifestyle choices and entrepreneurship. The All We Need Is Love project focuses on love of self and of others, leadership, mentoring, personal development, goal setting and advocacy to promote change, as well as reproductive health, teen parenting (very common in the Caribbean), HIV/AIDS prevention and relationship building. Teen mothers also benefit from psychosocial support and skills training through the Teen Parents project.

The increase in child sexual abuse cases is of great concern in the Caribbean islands, where sexual offenses against minors dominate the statistics on violations against children. Through our pilot Shine a Light initiative, ChildFund Caribbean keeps the media spotlight on the issue through radio and television advertisements and print and online media. The program also reaches out to children, families and the service sector to help protect children from sexual abuse and other common violations against children such as corporal punishment. ChildFund co-sponsors weekly community dialogues where children, youth, parents and community members can break the silence on the issue, discussing solutions at the grassroots and national levels.



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