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Early Childhood Development

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  • The Right Start

    Children’s earliest experiences of their families and their world lay the foundation for the quality of the rest of their lives. ChildFund’s Early Childhood Development programs ensure that the youngest children start their lives in the conditions they need to live at their potential — from the beginning.


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    What do babies and toddlers need?

    • Health and nutrition.
    • Safe, caring environments.
    • Quality stimulation and learning opportunities, whether at home or at preschool.
    • Most of all, they need empowered parents who understand their children’s development and how to support it — and are equipped to do so.

    If any one of these is missing, a child faces risks that can damage her well-being permanently.

    Early childhood development is most vital for the most vulnerable. Poverty too often overwhelms a family’s ability to provide the environment that the youngest children need to grow up healthy, strong and productive.