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  1. In Africa alone, a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds.
  2. Preventing mosquito bites that cause malaria will reduce suffering and mortality rates among infants and children.
Medical Needs - Provide treated mosquito nets for the Embu community of Kenya, protecting children from suffering, disease and death.

Kenya-MapProgram Goal:   Provide insecticide-treated mosquito nets for the children and families in the Embu community of eastern Kenya. Preventing mosquito bites that cause malaria, a life-threatening disease, will reduce suffering and mortality rates among infants and children in the region. The Embu community is prone to malaria infection - 2,850 children from vulnerable households and 307 pregnant/lactating mothers will directly benefit from these treated nets.

Every day, children are dying from malaria. A mosquito net protects vulnerable children from this deadly disease. In Africa alone, a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds (according to the World Health Organization). Immediate help is needed to protect children from this horrible disease.

Treated mosquito nets, which often come in either rectangular or circular shape, are hung from the ceiling above the bed. They are ideal and essential in preventing the malaria-carrying mosquitos from biting the children and mothers - which often happen at night.

Through the year 2013, 3157 mosquito nets are needed for the Embu community, benefitting children and pregnant/lactating mothers. The use of treated nets will help in reducing mortality rates for infants and the unborn child (children) through prevention for pregnant mothers. Reduced malaria infections means reduced medical bills, therefore allowing the family to attend to other important needs. A healthy family is a happy family.

Expected Results: These funds will make a significant contribution to the vulnerable children and families suffering from deadly malaria in the Embu community of Kenya. Treated mosquito nets will protect these children and pregnant mothers by reducing malaria infections, thereby providing the community with comfort and a sense of security knowing one of the region's, and even the world's, most deadliest diseases is being prevented - essential in obtaining a healthy, productive and dignified life.


An insecticide-treated mosquito net.
It's a simple way to save a life.


Mosquito Nets


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