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Project Highlights

  1. Ferrocement water tanks will provide daily access to clean drinking water for Uganda’s Butemba community.
  2. A ferrocement tank can provide a community with 2,000 to 6,000 liters of rainwater.

Cement Ferro Water Tanks (Water Jars)

The Gift of Clean Water - Provide 45 cement Ferro water tanks (jars) to improve the health of children and families living in Uganda's Butemba community.

Uganda-MapProgram Goal:  To improve the health of children from HIV and AIDS affected households in Uganda's Butemba community in Kiboga, by providing 45 cement Ferro tanks - ensuring that families living with this disease have a daily supply of clean drinking water. Over 250 children will directly benefit from the water tank facility, thereby reducing diarrheal diseases and regaining precious time lost collecting water from distant sources.

A cement Ferro tank facility is rain harvested and constructed of wire mesh, sand and cement. This facility is long-lasting and can provide water between 2000 to 6000 liters of water. In the village of Butemba, 45 HIV and AIDs affected households are in great need of sufficient daily supplies of clean drinking water. Without this basic necessity, these impoverished children and families will continue to live with diarrheal diseases and having to travel miles in search for other water sources - while succumbing to dangerous elements along the way.

45 water tanks (jars) of 2000 and 6000 liters are needed, along with the training of the families/water users of these facilities. Not only will this community obtain daily supplies of clean water from these tanks, but water user committees will be formed and utilized to mobilize resources to maintain the water tank facility for sustainability purposes.

The hope is to begin implementing the water tank facilities throughout the remainder of 2012 and through 2013.

Expected Results: This project will directly benefit 45 families (250 to 300 children) in the Butemba community of Kiboga, Uganda - providing an opportunity to establish a healthy home environment.

Having a sufficient daily supply of clean drinking water and community water facilities addresses the inaccessibility challenges and water shortages so common in this region - reducing diarrheal diseases among children and families affected with HIV and AIDS.

A hand washing facility to be installed in schools in Kiboga.

Handwashing Facility


A water tank provides a daily supply of clean water.

1000 Liter Tank


Project Image

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