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Project Highlights

  1. Storybooks will help first-grade children develop good reading habits.
  2. 1,500 children from 50 schools will directly benefit from these books.

Storybooks for First-Grade Children

Storybooks for Dream Corners — Provide 50 sets of storybooks for children in Honduras schools.

Honduras-MapProgram Goal:  Provide storybooks for first-grade children of Honduras. In rural schools, several first-grade classrooms lack materials to help children develop good reading skills — 1,500 children from 50 schools will directly benefit from these books.

Children in ChildFund programs tell us they want an education more than anything else. They understand how priceless a good education can be as they seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Children in Honduras long for books that are fun and easy to read. A number of regional schools are adapting a ChildFund program known as “Dream Corners,” which are special areas of the classroom dedicated to reading. Children, who may not personally own a book, have a quiet place to read and engage intellectually. However, many of these classrooms don’t have enough books to go around. More first-grade level storybooks are urgently needed.

Without ready access to books, young children may experience delays in their learning and social skills — key factors in successfully completing a primary education. Children with poor reading skills tend to receive low grades, which can lead to their disliking school and failing to develop to their full potential. Your gift will be combined with others to present books to first-grade classrooms. Not only will you be helping children develop important reading skills, you also will be contributing to their overall school performance.

Expected Results: This project will provide 50 sets of storybooks to first-grade children in Honduras. These books will contribute to the success of children’s early learning experience. With more books available, the children will develop good reading habits and do well in class, making the most of their education — and their potential.

Storybooks help first-grade children master essential reading skills.

Honduras Girl

Honduras First-Grade Class

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